The serrated sloping sides of the Dovetail Key draw the two parts securely together and grip into the wood as the Key is inserted. Thus producing a joint efficiently, accurately and without any damage to the finished surface. Dovetailed joints have been the symbol of quality and craftsmanship in the woodworking field for hundreds of years.
The Hoffmann dovetail joining system engineered and manufactured in Germany, is based on this classic joinery design.
It creates perfectly aligned and tight joints without the need for any additional fasteners.
Mitre joints of any angle as well as coped & butt joints, even complicated compound mitres are assembled fast and easy with Hoffmann Keys.

Dovetail Keyways are routed into the parts with Hoffmann Routing Machine
· Glue is applied
· Dovetail Keys are inserted and driven into the material with a hammer.
· You now have a tight, perfectly aligned joint
· No clamping or pressing process required
· No additional fasteners (nails, screws, etc.) needed