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Panel saws --- panel saws --- panel saws --- panel saws.

If you are looking for a panel saw, you have come to just the right place. We have one of the broadest selection of quality new and used panel saws available.

From the excellent value of the Rojek PK250a to the fully computerised , on line, Altendorf ELMO – we have the solution for you… and remember, we often have used options as well.



The PK250A saw bench is a neat compact machine that could be the ideal solution for the smaller workshop.

Slide table 1500 mm
Saw 315mm without score
Saw 250 mm with score

Normally ex stock


SCM SC4 Elite -1660

Saw projection  100mm
Max squaring stroke 1660 mm

(Picture shows longer table machine)


SCM SC4 Elite -3300

Saw projection  100mm
Max squaring stroke 3300 mm

Photo shows machine with support option

Normally ex stock


SCM S400 Elite S

Saw projection  138 mm
Max squaring stroke 3300 mm

Normally ex stock




Offering tried and tested Altendorf quality at an unbelievable price.

The WA 6 is the smallest Altendorf on the market.
Despite its compact dimensions and low price, the WA 6 has a wealth of features.
From the tried and tested 1400 / 2600 mm Altendorf sliding table to the high-precision rip and crosscut mitre fences.






Renowned Altendorf sliding table technology.
Power rise, fall and tilt.
Sawblade 400 mm.

German engineering at a price you can afford.
Normally ex stock



The Altendorf is  the original of all sliding table saws in the world.

Because its design is modular, you can put together your own personal Altendorf.
Even the basic version offers working options and convenience which meet the everyday needs in any woodworking shop. With a host of options, you can cover a large spectrum of the countless application areas for your machine.

Contact us to build your very own Altendorf F45





The new F 45 ELMO has been fundamentally redesigned.

The result is a high-tech modular system, which handles even the most challenging technical requirements of  the saw user. The low-reflection 12” colour LCD display with touch screen functionality is new. This display method makes for straightforward operation through a self-explanatory, graphics-oriented approach to control.

The display shows 90% of the applications, thus cutting down on time spent navigating. The USB port for data  exchange and backup is also new.
In 2007 the jury of the International Forum Design presented its iF gold award
for outstanding product design to the Altendorf F45




When nothing but the best will do, the obvious starting point in sliding table saw technology is the  F 45 ELMO.

And thanks to Altendorf, the best just got even better: the F 45 ELMO III D includes a saw unit that can be tilted to 46° in either direction for even greater flexibility when cutting straightforward bevels and compound mitres. The fact that the saw blade tilts towards the workpiece brings improved ergonomics too, as heavy workpieces can be processed without awkward manipulation.



Workpieces with delicate surfaces can be processed with the good side uppermost for even cleaner cutting. Not everything has changed though: motorised axes automatically position the sawblade height, the cutting angle and the rip fence dimension after the values are keyed into the 12" touch screen and the start button is pressed, in true Altendorf F 45 ELMO III style





Panel Transport and Service Trolley

Fitted with 4 directional rollers to rotate the trolley up to 360°
Base in Multiplex,  storage space for machine accessories and tools
Panel tilting table with integrated multidirectional rollers, height adjustable






A swift glance at the screen shows the position of the fences and other settings.

In the centre of the screen is an icon for the machine, whilst the axis positions are shown grouped around the machine to give an easy overview.

Touching a parameter displayed on the screen opens the window for entering values. Positioning can then begin with a touch of the start-key.




  Before purchasing an Altendorf sliding table saw, naturally enough you'd first like to check whether it would be a worthwhile investment for your company.

Would it pay you to buy a machine with additional features which would then make your unit costs lower?

As part of a project, students at the Fachhochschule Lippe und Höxter looked at this and other issues with reference to one of our F45 sliding table saws.
Students from the Woodworking, Business and Logistics departments compared the cost-effectiveness of various configuration levels of the F45 sliding table saw, based on the cost of making a computer cabinet with a drawer. You can read their findings by clicking: images\StudyGB2.pdf 




Please note that all prices are ex works and exclusive of VAT.

Should you have any questions about the products displayed above please phone us: 01376 511146

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